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Thank you LiGhTnInG for putting in a lot of time and effort organising the shows for 2006.

All our staff and members who wrote features last year, great work.

Magpie Service Centre in Chatham for all of their help and excellent support.

Revs, Fast Car, Performance GTi and everyone else who featured our cruises.


Welcome to Midnight-Racing

Hi and welcome to the site. Midnight-Racing is a site for modified car enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes. The site is undergoing some major updates with more features, cars and babes than ever before! It’s an exciting time so stick around and you can be part of it too !

If you want you or your car featured then send some pics and modding details to either Ben@midnight-racing.co.uk or lilben@midnight-racing.co.uk

Been to a good show recently and got a bit snap happy. Write a report and send it to us along with the photos and it will appear on the site!

What's new?
  • Photo and Video Uploading
    A general media forum has been added to the boards to post photo's and video's in.
    Uploading is enabled for all members.

  • Car/Babe Features
    New and updated features.
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